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LT8711 SEPIC Converter BIAS and IntVEE pins

Hi everyone,

We are designing a power supply using the LT8711 in SEPIC configuration..

Regarding the datasheet, it specifies to connect INTVee to BIAS pin:

In the demo board schematic DC2234A it is connected as the datasheet.

On the other side, in the LTSPICE simulation of the LT8711 Demo Circuit - Automotive Micropower Synchronous Sepic Converter (4.5-40V to 12V @ 4A) the IntVEE is not connected to the BIAS pin but it is connected to VIN:

I understand that the INTVEE regulator regulates to 5.15V below the BIAS pin voltage but what is the reason they are not connected together to Vout in the simulation?

Thank you