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LTC3376 in continuous mode

Hello there,

I'm looking to use the LTC3376 in a bi-directional TEC driver. When running in 'forced continuous mode' can I expect one of LTC3376 outputs to sink the TEC current generated by different LTC3376 output where each output is drvien differentially to produce the required TEC voltage?

Many thanks,

David Powell

  • Hi David,

    I believe the answer is no, but can you elaborate on how you plan to hook this up? Maybe a simplified sketch?



  • Hi Zak,

    Thanks for the response. You're correct in saying 'no'. I setup a simulation with the LTC3376 (I was previously unaware that there was a model for this device in the library) and this tells me that the LTC3376 will not sink current when the output voltage is higher than the set voltage. My plan was that had it been able to do so then when one output of the LTC3376 was sinking current (connected to one side of a TEC) then the other side, also connected to a different LTC3376 output would be sourcing current for the TEC. Then the TEC current could be set by adjusting the output of the 'source' LTC3376 output.

    Anyway thanks for the feedback.

    Kind regards,