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LT3471 current

Looking at the datasheet the output current of the various designs seems to be linked to the Input Voltage. Is there a way to work out the current capability of a design?
I'm looking at producing a design that is:
12V in
+/-16V output at minimum 400mA per rail.
Is this possible?

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  • Hi, Graham,

    Here is a first approximation for a Boost converter, with a 3.3V input, 1A guaranteed switch current, and 12V out.

    This is just so you can get a first glance at load current capability, for a fixed switching frequency converter.

    Iout=(Vin*I*Eff)/Vout, or (3.3*1*.8)/12=0.22A.


    Eff=converter efficiency, and I=guaranteed switch current.

    Also, a large inductor value is assumed, which is not always practical. 

    The inverter will have lower capability than the Boost, and requires a different approach.

    The LT8582 datasheet contains detailed procedures for the Boost and inverter converters on pages 13 and 15. Please read those for further details.