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LT3063 load regulation

Hi All,

We are considering LT3063MPMS8E#PBF (adjustable version) to generate 2.5V with 3% accuracy. We realised that the accuracy is severely impacted by the load regulation parameter of this IC. Load regulation is calculated to be 37.5 mV max (9 mV * 2.5/0.6) similar to the calculation provided in page 12 of the datasheet. Is my interpretation of datasheet correct?

Also, 9mV max is provided when load is varied from 1mA to 200 mA. However in our application, maximum load current is only 50 mA. For maximum load current of 50 mA, what should we consider for load regulation. Is it 9 mV or less?

Attached is the screenshot of load regulation value from datasheet of LT3063.