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About the connection of NC pin (Pin4) of ADP7104

Does "No Connection" in the data sheet mean that it is not connected internally.

Also, there is a sentence "Do not connect to this pin" and I think this pin should be left open.
However, if I make a mistake and connect it to GND, is there any problem.

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  • Hi,

    Leave this pin floating. Do not connect his to GND.

    The layout of the demo board for ADP7104 was also meant to be used for ADP7105 (which is ADP7104 with Soft Start). The Pin 4 on ADP7105 is not "NC", instead it is "SS" for soft start. See below:


    Refer to the user guide for the schematic. When using the demo board for ADP7104, jumper J3 should be left open. Otherwise, when using it for ADP7105, it should be shorted & have a capacitor on C3.

  • Hi, 

    I've got a similar concern but the other way around. Would it be possible to leave SS pin unconnected in ADP7105 in case SS is not required? Or is it mandatory to connect it to a cap or even GND (when SS is not needed) to assure the device will behave properly?

    Thank you.

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