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Differences between ADP5071 and ADP5076

I'm looking to take a 5V input and generate +15V and -15V. I'm looking at the ADP5071 and the ADP5076 and they look nearly identical. What (besides the input voltage range) are the differences between these two chips and when would one chose one over the other? Is one better for lower noise? 



  • Hi Ben,

    Both are the same in terms of overall performance so I deem noise to be almost same. Please go over the noise data in datasheet. If needing improvement, you may want to have filtering at the output like an LC filter.  An ADIsimpower excel design tool is available in ADP5071 webpage that can help in designing the parts. You may also put LDO at the output stage to get better noise performance. Typical application circuit is also available at the end part of the datasheet.

    The basic difference is size. ADP5076 was designed to be the performance of ADP5071 in a much smaller package.  Because of the reduced size, the input disconnect switch was therefore removed along with some pins.

    We have available demo board fit for your need. Please connect to a local ADI FAE so you can get one free of charge.