LTC7004 recommended maximum VCC

I am successfully using the LTC7004 high side NMOS driver in a design but have had issues with damaged parts. Due to the nature of the design there can be brief positive transients on the rail powering VCC on the order of +1 V over the nominal value of 16 Volts. I believe the root of the issue is that I am powering the IC at the recommended maximum of 15 Volts which is also the absolute maximum VCC voltage and any transient on the VCC rail exceeds the absolute maximum value on the VCC pin. It seems unsafe to operate the LTC7004 at the recommended maximum VCC value of 15 V when that is also the absolute maximum.

What is a recommended voltage for the VCC rail that is below the absolute maximum value? Considering the transients on my VCC rail would it be better to set the rail powering VCC to 14 V to provide some headroom between the nominal value and the abs max of the VCC pin? Is there a drawback to powering the LTC7004 at a voltage lower than 15 V?