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ADP5071 design problem


I have a problem with the ADP5071, when I enable the chip it starts overheating. I don't have time to exam what is a problem. I have solder it a few time and that is OK. It should give +15.5V and -13.9V. I decided to use the same values of inductor and resistors for both outputs, to have fewer components in the BOM. I also tried to disconnect all from the output and leave just a 10uF capacitor. Please take a look at the schematic and 4layer PCB. 

  • Hi Pucur,

    It would have been nice if you started with our demo board especially if you don't have power design experience. The demo board is +/-15V output and capable up to few 100mA at output depending on your input.  You may want to share what is your input voltage and output current of both POS and NEG rails.

    I don't see any capacitor at your PVIN. This is important to be put very close to IC.  Output capacitors too should be put close. There is PCB design guideline in the datasheet.