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LTC3586 unused section

If I'm not using one of the 4 regulators in the LTC3586, can I leave the associated pins open?

Specifically, if pin 21, EN1 is tied to ground, can I leave pins 26 (SW1), 27 (VIN1) and 28 (FB1) floating?

Also, am I correct there is no Spice model for this part?

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  • Hello Sir,

    I used the Evaluation Board of LTC3586 PMIC.I designed 4 Layer PCB for LTC 3586 Evolution Board.

    Testing Condition

    ILIM0 and ILIM1 Pins are '0' (Low).

    Mode Pin Is '0' (Low).
    Enable Pins are '0' (Low).
    Input Supply Using Type C USB = 5.1V

    Vout Voltage = 5.1V

    LDO3V3 = 0 V ( There is no voltage on This Pin, How To enable this LDO3V3?)

    If, I connect Input Supply Using Battery and Battery ( 3.7V/3400 mAh), so Vout Voltage is 4.3V and LDO3V3 is 2.65V.

    Secondly, For All Enable Pins are High Separately Using 3V3, The Fault pin going To Low ( ON).
    Is it Necessary to Follow the Procedure as mention in Eval Board Manual?

    what if I connect only Vout ,LDO3V3 and Battery peripherals Are connected in Circuit? 

    *P Channel MOSFET footprint is updated in Circuit Board.

    here I attached my Schematic design and references .

    Thanks & Regards

    Sagar Kayasth


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