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LTM4608A Equivalent Part Number for LTpowerCAD Evaluation

Is there a functionally equivalent component to the LTM4608A that can be used in LTpowerCAD for evaluating stability loop margins, output impedance, and efficiency?

Upon initial search, I found an Excel design tool for the LTM4608, which differs in part number and lacks output impedance and efficiency calculations.  Ideally, a part equivalent of the LTM4608A for an LTpowerCAD design would be best. 

Otherwise - is there an application note or reference for extracting stability loop margins, output impedance, and efficiency as is done "under the hood" in LTpowerCAD?

  • Hi A. Almeida, 

    The LTM4608 and LTM4608A are of identical design except the LTM4608A has increased spacing between landing pads for LGA package, and also comes in BGA package.

    The LTM4608 excel based design tool you found in LTpowerCAD can also be used. It offers the bode plot, transient and output impedance estimations. You can also export the setup to LTSpice and do time-based simulations there.

    Unfortunately since LTpowerCAD's non-excel based design tools were developed after this LTM4608 excel tool was already released, a non-excel based LTM4608A design tool was not generated.