LT3045 Solder Problem


I'm using LT3045 as the LDO to suppress power noise from the power supplies.
The package I bought is LT3045EMSE#PBF and I adopt the "Low Noise CC/CV Lab Power Supply" configuration in official datasheet.

However, the datasheet states that "EXPOSED PAD (PIN 13) IS GND, MUST BE SOLDERED TO PCB".
PIN 13 is under the chip and is really hard to solder by hand.
1) I am not sure whether it is catastrophic not to solder the PIN 13.
2) If I don't solder PIN13, do the output noise degrade?

3) If I need multiple pairs of VDD and VSS, and there are multiple LT3045s on a single PCB with one power supply.
    Do you suggest that I separate them under the consideration of output noise?

Thank you.

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  • Hi ,

    As stated, you have to connect EXP to GND as stated, foremost because of thermal dissipation and often because of noise considerations.
    Yes, those ICs are not easy to hand-solder. For such…