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LT3752 + LT8311 Stability


I use the circuit of LT3752, that is on the ...LTspiceXVII\examples\jigs .

The circuit is not stable. It gets out of stabilization even when the output voltage is being build on the startup.

I tried to change capacitor+resistor that is connected to the COMP pin of LT8311, and the resistor that is connected to LT3752. But it stays unstabilized.

1-     Is there a way to make AC simulation (with LT3752 + LT8311) to check the Open loop parameters and close loop parameters?

2-     What is the right way to deside what is the right compensation network?

My design is:

  • Vin: 18-48
  • Vout: 15
  • Iout: 1.3A
  • Lout= 68uF
  • Cout= 4.7uF
  • Np=50uH Ns=200uH
  • f=500kHz

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