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LTC7060 for >60V synchronous application

since LTC7060 has floating ground and inverting input logic feature. is there any application using LTC7060 for LED driver like LT3756 or LTC3783.

I feel it can upgrade these non-synchronous boost regulator to synchronous one. can it work for these app?

  • As described in DS, the LTC3783 is a non-synchronous LED driver, so I cannot recommend it of using it any other way. You might be better off using a formal  synchronous LED driver. Generally speaking, though, there's possibility of using LTC3783 with an external LTC7060 driver. The main problem will it's biasing and the dead time. If it's short, then shoot-through current affects functionality and if its long then efficiency is low. Also, the FET parameters variation should be taking in account. If you still want to pursue this idea, the best way to proceed is for you to design a detailed electrical schematic and communicate with local ADI representative.