LTC3105 simulation


I am trying to perform some simulations in LTspice using LTC3105 model. In order to do that, I have this model of a solar cell (Isc=24mA, Voc=4.1V, Vmpp=2.8V):

LTC3105 is suposed to control the solar cell voltage in order to get maximum power, but when I perform the simulation, the device dosen´t do that. Instead, it takes the current that the output charge requires and the cell voltage is set to it´s correponding voltage. For example, if the charge needs 10mA, the solar cell voltage is set to 3.6V (which is the voltage corresponding to 15mA for the solar cell) instead to 2.8V (which is the MPP). This is the circuit in LTSpice:

I think that the problem is model of the solar cell that I am using. I´ve seen that there is a demo circuit in the product page with a model of a solar cell, but I can acces the equivalent electrical circuit and I don´t know how to modify it in order to get a behavior similar to my cell. Can anybody help me with that?

Thank you very much.