About LTC6811 Power Sequence

Hi all,

I have a question about the order of applying voltages to the C (n) and V +/- pins of the LTC6811.

This situation is as follows.
・The BMS board with the LTC6811 is connected to each cell (12 cells) via the connector.
・When the connector is connected, the order in which the C(n) and V+/- pins are connected will be indeterminate due to the tilt of the connector.
・At this time, each cell already has an initial voltage.
=> This means that each cells is connecting at random.

- LTC6811 has a power sequence?
- Is there any restriction on the order in which the V+ and V- pins should be connected?
( For example, V- should be connected first.)

If you have a question,please let me know.

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