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Uising LCT4125 with LTC4124 configured at 10mA


I am involved in designing a wearable device that is to be charged wireless, the system includes a docking wireless transmitter.

I have chosen LTC4125 Power Transmitter to work with LTC4124 Power Receiver configured at 10mA.

I know you have Eval kits configured for 100mA (DC2770A-B-KIT) and 50mA (DC2770A-A-KIT).

But, the eval kits for 25mA (DC2769A-B) and 10mA (DC2769A-A) are not based on LTC4125 power transmitter, they use a quite simple oscillator based on LTC6990 instead.

I find the power transmitter based on LTC6990 very useful for testing but, for my final product, I miss all extra protections and less power consumption of LTC4125.

I would like to know if there is any drawback in using LTC4125 for a just 10mA wireless receiver. I am planning to use proposed design for 50mA at DC2770A-A-KIT Eval Kit as it is.

Thank you,
Alberto Farre