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ADP2301 ESD testing


               Below is MP2359 schematics. Our ADP2301 is p2p solution to drop in. While customer testing ESD 2.5KV, MP2359 will pass the ESD testing. But ADP2301 will happen 3.3V drop suddenly while ESD 2.5KV then recovery to 3.3V. Customer already modify some capacitor and resistor value. But ADP2301 still not pass ESD testing. 

                Do we have any suggestion to modify circuit to pass ESD testing? If possible, it is only modify some resistor/capacitor value is better. If not, customer could also accept to add external circuit to solve it. Thank you.  




  • Hi Patrick,

    One difference I see is the boost cap which is 100nF typical for ADP2301. Please try to look at this.

    You may also want to look at the EN pin. ADP2301 may be higher low voltage threshold that's hit during the ESD transient. Please consider doing different R18C13 combination.