LTC3779 use in non-synchronous buck-boost converter

Dear Analog team:

I select LTC3779 for my DC/DC converter, and my customer is asking me to design this IC in non-synchronous buck-boost converter.

Would you kindly answer my following problem, thank you!

1. Could LTC3779 design in non-synchronous buck-boost converter? If the answer is NO, please tell me why and what damage will cause if I design this structure.

2. Could LTC3779 design with isolate driver IC like adum3224? If the answer is YES, please kindly share how to design the circuit, If the answer is NO, please tell me why and what damage will cause if I design this structure.

3. I saw the block diagram of LTC3779, the IC compare with voltage of Vin and SW1, what purpose is this function work for? What damage will cause if Vin is always bigger than SW1? What situation will happen if this function does not work?

LTC3779 block diagram

Thank you!!