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LTC4412 - Query on dual DC power switch

Hai Team,

First of all thank you reading my query. We require a power path controller for switching between two 24V DC sources. One 24V DC will come from external 24V wall adapter and another will come from inbuilt 120VAC to 24V DC converter.

Our requirement is when external 24V DC is available, we should use the same and cut off the internal 24V DC from converter. We understand LTC4412 will be suitable for this application and can choose external 24V DC from wall adapter as a auxiliary power source and internal 24V DC from converter as primary power source. 

Our query is, since the datasheet shows application circuits only for switching between battery and wall adapter, we doubt whether it will be suitable for our application. Please confirm the same and also confirm whether P-channel MOSFET "Si7463DP" shall be used. 

Thank you once again. Looking forward to your response.