LT6110 Do not compensate with LT317 Adjustable regulator


I have a problem where iam trying to use the LT6110 cable drop compensator with a LT317 Adustable Regulator. Where I do not succeed with the cable drop compensation.

The setup is like in the typical application LT6110 datasheet for the cable/wire drop compensation.

Below are my calculations:

Vdrop=1A *10 Ohm=10V

Vsense= 20m Ohm*1A = 20mV

I have a 10 Ohms resistor in series on line + and a load of 1A. 

Since Iin=Iout=100uA

Rin = Vsense/Iin=20mV/100uA=200 Ohms

Rref=12.5k Ohm

Rg=340M Ohms

Still i do not get any compensation of the wire drop.

Have measured Iout which is apporx 95uA. Also measured the Vref which is when having a load 1.44V but max shall 1.3V.

Can you please help and advise?