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ltc4357 high current issue

we work on a robotics system with two 48v Battery. I want to design a board in order to switch between two batteries with a load sharing system.

we need a circuit with a max 40A pike. I found LTC4357 for this work. but, can I use a high current Mosfet in this circuit for achieving more current?

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  • Thanks so much for your reply.

    how can I determine the threshold voltage between these two batteries for switching between them?

    I mean, want to have a circuit in which if a battery voltage equals 48V and the other equal 46 volts, the circuit continues the load sharing. that's important for me to share the current between two battery even if their voltage has a short difference.


  • Ideal diode-OR, like a regular diode-OR, supplies current from the highest input voltage. The 48V battery will supply the entire load current till it discharges down to 46V and then the two batteries will droop share.