LT8653 feedback pin options and accuracy - fixed vs. variable output voltage

Hello AD,

The D0 and D1 pins on the LT8653 can be used to alter the setpoint of the FB pins, maintaining good accuracy % at 1.8V, 3.3V and 5.0V.

Is there any way of using the setpoints to obtain higher accuracy at voltages other than the defined nodes? For example, if an output voltage of 6V was desired, the greatest accuracy (using an external resistor feedback network of, say, 1%) could possibly be achieved by using the next-lowest setpoint (i.e. 5.0V) instead of the usual 0.8V setpoint, if the internal impedance of the feedback node is large enough.

The datasheet specifies the "Feedback Pin Input Current" as +/- 20 nA. Is this only true for the 0.8V setpoint or is this true for all setpoint modes?