LTM4675 Vout sense when parallel

When using the LTM4675 part with the outputs combined for a single 18A capable output, do both Vout sense pins need to be connected?  Or can just Vout0 or 1 be connected to the load for sensing?  Does it make a difference if the part will only be resistor pin set and not use the programming interface? 

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  • Thank you Haihua. 

    When you say "Vout sense pins are required to be all tied together and then position it at desired VOUT sense location.", I have some follow up questions:

    1.  Does this mean I need to have the sense pins connected together at the load? 

    2.  Is it ok to connect them together close to the part and then route a single pair of combined sense pins to the load?

    3.  The Vout1 sense- pin is really the SGND pin, is there anything special that needs to be considered for the shared case?  Or do I just connected SGND to local GND near the part as usual per the datasheet?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 17, 2020 3:16 PM in reply to Mark_Escape

    Hello Mark,

    1. YES.

    2. YES. 

    3. YES. 

    We will connect them together closer to the part then route a single pair of combined sense pin to load. There is no special arrangement for dual phase regarding the Vou1sens- pin. It is a SGND pin.

    Thank you,