Questions about LTC4020

Dear Power by Linear,

I have several questions about LTC4020.
My conditions of use 1: Vin = 12V, Vout = 16.8V, Vbattery = 16.58V (4S 3300mAh Li-Ion Battery). Use CC / CV Mode to charge. Use 220nF Timer capacitor, charge termination time is set to 3.2 hours. Use Control the RNG / SS Pin for charging current control. When the output system power is off, charge the battery with 1.7A. When the output system power is on, charge the battery with 0.1A.
Question 1. What value should I use for RNG / SS resistor?
Question 2. When the output system is powered on and charged with low current, is the Charge termination time only 3.2 hours?

My conditions of use 2: Vin = 24V, Vout = 30.9V, Vbattery = 28.4V (12-cell lead-acid Battery). Use Lead-Acid Mode to charge. Use 350nF Timer capacitor, Charge termination time is set to 5.1 hours.
Question 3. When the battery is fully charged, is Vout powered by the LTC4020 or battery?

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