LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxide) batteries for LTC3300-1 & LTC6804


I'm designing a BMS for LTO cells with an active balancing function. LTO cells have a voltage range of 1.5V-2.8V, nominal 2.3V. It seems ok to use LTC6804 for monitor IC, but I'm not sure about LTC3300-1. Will it be good to use those two ICs for my purpose?

I've read a datasheet of DC2100B also, but it says it has the voltage range of 2.5V-4.5V if the Rtons and Rtonp are changed, and it makes me complicated.

So, I want to know-

1) LTC3300-1 is suitable for LTO BMS including active balancing?

2) if yes, which value of the resistor should be connected to Rtons and Rtonp?