LT8362 output shoots to maximum

I want to know, what will be the impact, if I probe 16V with 2Mohm in between to the VC pin i.e. voltage compensation of the IC. Power supply is common for the system and the one end of the resistor. Basically, I am talking about the megger/insulation test when performed on the LT8362, we are observing Shoot in Output voltage from expected voltage 32V to 59.8V and sometimes to even ~80V, Is that the expected behaviour?. We are getting 32V in normal condition though. IC is configured to operate in Burst-SSFM mode. I need your inputs what is the response of IC if we do any testing/external probing on VC pin. What is the fold back time in output overvoltage condition? Basically what can be the impacts? Thanks Beforehand.