After setting the output voltage with RVOUTnCFG and RVTRIMnCFG and starting up,

we plan to change the voltage with VOUT_COMMAND.

Is it necessary to change MFR_CONFIG_ALL [6] = 0⇒1b?

Even if I do not change, sending VOUT_COMMAND will change the output voltage

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 11, 2020 4:10 PM


    Once power up , the output voltage can be changed via VOUT_COMMAND at any time.

    These changes will not be saved after power down when resistor respect configuration is enabled.

    To summary

    - When resistor configuration is respected, during power up, the resistor setting will be effective.

    It will also update the internal NVM values. Once power is up, VOUT_COMMAND can be changed real time.

    - When resistor configuration is ignored, during power up , the VOUT_COMMAND set internally at NVM will be effective.

    During power up, VOUT_COMMAND can be changed real time.

    If the value is saved into NVM, then after restart, the VOUT_COMMAND save in NVM will be effective. 

    Please check datasheet about this for detail.