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LT8705A :: IMON_IN and IMON_OUT force voltage


I would like to make a buck-boost switcher based on LT8705A IC. I'm planning to use an external input and output current sensor (because this brings more options to me), so I'm planning to connect CSPIN and CSNIN together to VIN and CSPOUT and CSNOUT together to VOUT, just like is shown in datasheet. In that example both IMON_IN and IMON_OUT should be connected to GND. But, my question is - because I will measure input and output current with another current sensor (which will be connected to external mCU with D/A converter)...can I force in that example voltage on IMON_IN and IMON_OUT pins which coresponds to measured current? So, I can make input and output current loop active but with "help" of external current sensors.
In a datasheet is written only that forcing voltage on Vc pin is not allowed.

Exactly, I'm not completely sure if I really need to use an input and output current loop in that way (or can I leave them disabled), because I'm going to use LT8705A in solar battery charger application. We know that output current in that example can be completely controlled by the voltage on solar panels... Can somebody explane what is the main purpose of input current loop in solar application (LT8490 has implemented this function)?

My another question is...can I connect two LT8705A switchers in parallel? One switcher is planning to generate a clock, another switcher will be driven by first swither (via SYNC input). How to connect outputs of that combination, where both switchers are connected to the same battery? Do I need any filters on the output of each switcher or this is not needed in that example where one switcher drives another switcher...?

Many many thanks!