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LT3905 Sipm Design Review

For biasing a SIPM (Silicon Photomultipliert, basically APD array) i need a low noise, low current DC Voltage in the range of 25 to 34Volts. Since Analog offers specific parts for apd supplies, i selected the LT3905 beaucse of the low output noise.

I've attached my schematic for a DAC Controlles power supply. Since i only need the supply part, without the Current measurement, i connected some pins to gnd.

Can someone verify my schematic?

  • Your approach seems sensible. Just know the Fsel tied to ground will lock you into a 1MHz switching frequency.

    Now, since you intend to use this part as a simple boost, know you will only have a few mA of load current at your disposal. If you need more, it would be better if you used a different part without all the APD functionality, and with much more power to suit your needs. 

    If you need more than a few mA of load current, consider LT8330, LT8570, LT9570-1, LT8580.

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  • Current is no problem. The simp does not need current at all. Worst case scenario is a very large light pulse on the sipm, which would result in a 150uA current spike for around 50ns, i'm sure the capacitors will get most of it.

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