LTC1772B Undervoltage Lockout

I have a question about Undervoltage Lockout behavior in LTC1772B.

In the datasheet p.7, it is mentioned that "When the input supply voltage
drops below approximately 2.0V, the P-channel MOSFETand all circuitry is turned off".

My question is , after an undervoltage of supply voltage is detected and shutdown the main circuitry,

will it restarts by itself again if  the supply voltage raises above 2.0V again. Will the undervoltage state latched?

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  • Hi ,

    I am absolutely sure, that UVO-lockout is NOT latched.
    Normally there is a hystereses (mostly 10mV...200mV) to it. So if SHDN is low-going 2V it will re-enable at >2,1V.
    When you apply power…

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