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How to use LTM4609 and DAC such as AD5696 to establish a Programmable Buck-Boost DC/DC?

The pictrue is schematic of LTM4609 evalutaion kits, Can I use a DAC such as AD5696 between R5 and R9 to program the output of LTM4609?

  • Yes this is possible. Note that typical FB injection scheme (ie below) de-grades load regulation if the adjustable output range is wide. If the output adjustable range is not wide then the below setup should be sufficient (Vg is DAC output). 

    If the adjustable output voltage is wide, to maintain good load regulation it would be recommended to insert an external error amp / compensator circuit to over-ride the internal error amp. Below is an example design verified for 0.5Vout - 15Vout adjustable output voltage. Thanks. 

  • Hi, Young,

    I'm just trying to do the same thing. Could you kindly post the high resolution picture or just upload the pdf version? Thanks!

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