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LTPowerCAD crash when opening file


I run the latest release of LTPowerCAD on my two PC, on windows 10 64b.
When I try to open a design for example LT8610 or LT8641, it crashes. If I try to open the file directly from the installation folder, I have an error window identical to the screenshots you can find on others topics related with this kind of issue.
I uninstalled SQL server and the simulator, reinstalled it, same problem. I run everything in adminstrator mode. Note that I don't have the problem with some parts, for example LTC7151S, it works well in this case I can open the default solution or a custom old one.
I have this problem on both computers. Looks like recent updates on windows introduced some incompatibilities with your software...because I don't remember having such issues some months ago.


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  • I have a same issue... My design files are useless after update.

    It is a great shame for LT to make such crappy updates.

    This week I made two updates - LTSpice and LTPowerCad - and in both cases I fall in issues related with back-compatibility break.

    With LTSpice I needed to correct all my old simulation files (5/24/19 update cause errors).

    With LTPowerCad  is even worse as I stuck with my job.

    This updates are just wasting my time...

    I can provide sample files that cause the errors, but I cannot see an option for file upload.

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