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LTC7840 & LT3795 LTPowerCAD File

Dear All:

I need LTC7840 demo board P/N: DC2744A & LT3795 demo board P/N:DC1827A LTPowerCAD Files to provide to me ,another LT3795 demo board have "buck only solution" design reference to  customer refer.?? Ex:Vin:100V To Vout:70V/20A for LT3795 design .thanks



  • I just downloaded LTPowerCad and did a sync release, but I don't see the LT3795 in the list of supported parts - sorry about that because I do not think the LT3795 is supported in LTPowerCad.

    Operating the LT3795 demo circuit DC1827A in "buck mode" should be similar to this post for the LT3956 and DC1521A.  Let me know if the customer needs additional information.  The post is titled "LT3956 QUICK BUCK MODE OPERATION USING DEMONSTRATION CIRCUIT DC1521A".