Hello, we use an electrical design that combines the two components LTC4085 and LTC2941

We wanted to know if the LTC2941 pin 5 "CHARGE COMPLETE" can be connected to the LTC4085 component that handles charging.

If possible we would be happy to get a reference design or guidelines that it requires to work.

Attached part of electrical design and the two components.

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  • Hi,

    We want to synchronize between the charger LTC4085 to the LTC2941, in order to make sure the LTC2941 always show the 100% level of the battery correctly and without the involvement of out uC .

    In some cases, after 12 hours of charging the uC read via the I2C battery level 50% or less.

    We found that the LTC2941 can initialize itself automatically to 100% via the signal "charge complete"

    We believe it solves our miss matching of reading the battery level.