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How to connect two ADP5071 regulators in parallel?


I have designed a regulator circuit with ADP5071 for 1A load but I need 1.6A load. In board I have two ADP5071 regulators. Both the regulator outputs are 5V and one has 1.4A load and other has 0.2A load.

1. Is it OK, if I connect both the regulator outputs in parallel (by shorting directly both outputs)?

2. If not, please suggest how to do parallel.

Thanks & Regards,

Lakshmaiah S.

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  • Hi,

    I understood your point. As I mentioned you in before reply, we are replacing ADP5071 in next version. But current version board is already populated and current populated version has 2 ADP5071 regulators, one has 1.4A load and other has 0.2A load. we understood from the ADP5071 design tool, we can load ADP5071 up to 1A on each. If, ADP5071 has capability of sharing current in parallel connection, the maximum current load will become 2A (because of 2 devices are connected in parallel and has 1A load capability on each) and my current populated version need 1.6A load. So, we will be in safe side.

    Please let me know, ADP5071 has this (sharing current in parallel connection) capability or not? 

    Thanks & Regards,

    Lakshmaiah S.

  • Hi Lakshmaiah S.,

    I don't think parallel operation is possible. I have not done it too. ADP5071 individually will have its own error amp which has input offset. This means there will be delta between the two outputs. Matching of the two outputs and current sharing will be an issue.