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How to use LTM8045 for getting -2.2V Vout from +18V Vin


My customer is reviewing to use LTM8045 and want to get -2.2V Vout.

At this time, they will use a fixed power with DC 18V and 200mA at Vin of LTM8045.

But Vout range in datasheet is from -2.5V to -15V.

So  they need your help abput how to configure of LTM8045 for getting -2.2V Vout.

And also they need RT value like the values in Table 1 of datasheet.

Q1) How to configure LTM8045 for getting -2.2V Vout at 18V Vin condition?

Q2) At this time, would you let me know the values of Cin,Cout,Rfb,RT as f(optimal & min) like Table 1 in Datasheet?

Q3) When they use -2.2V Vout at LTM8045, would you advise which problems will be occurred and how to compensate these issues?



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