Phyisical connection between DC1894B(LTC6804-1) and a MCU board?

Now I'm trying to connection DC1894B to my MCU board using 4-wired SPI communication.

I connected


CS to CS


and set the jumpers on DC1894B to 0.

But when I send commands to the board,

What I got is the only 0xFF...

I saw some post that explained 5k ohm should be set between Vcc and MISO line.

I did so. 

But still what I got is 0xFF,,

Should I do more connections using jumpers??


Please help me!


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 6, 2020 7:09 PM

    Yes, the pullup is needed. Presumably the V+ is at least 10V so the part is powered (by connection of contact 16 on J1 to top cell voltage or a supply => the top cell potential). The PHA & POL characteristics of the SPI must match those in the datasheet, and a wakeup process must be established so the part remains awake otherwise it cannot properly respond to commands. You may need to use a DSO or logic analyzer to compare your SPI waveforms with those generated by our GUI and demo HW to confirm the format. Also note that many uP chips will cycle CS with every byte transmitted and that does not work with the 6804, a dedicated I/O bit is usually needed so that CS is properly managed.

  • What you meant is V+ for LTC6804-1. I already did it to power the chip on.

    I did settings as you said already...

    What I was wrong with is my MCU board. I replaced it with a new one. It perfectly works. Anyway Thanks!!

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