Difference between the datasheet and the GUI of LTC6804-1


I'm trying to connect DC1894B(where LTC6804-1 chip on) to my MCU board using 4-wire SPI.

But there are differences between the LTC6804-1 datasheet and GUI program about data protocol.

For example,

in the case of the read configuration,

The datasheet shows 0x0002 is the protocol for the read configuration.

But in GUI,  0x2B0A is shown as the protocol for the read configuration.

In the case of the write configuration,

the protocol in the datasheet is 0x0001 for the write configuration.

But in the GUI, it is 0x3D6E.

It is really confusing to me.

I hope there is anyone to help me,

I'll wait for your help. Thanks.