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low frequency PM

I have an energy harvester that generates impulses at frequency as low as 25Hz.  Each impulse has a positive and negative parts.  The width of each impulse is ~8ms (positive+negative).  The PTP amplitude is ~5V.  I can use a bridge rectifier but in order to fully rectify the signal I'll need a very large capacitor, something I would like to avoid because of size and weight. 

Is there a suitable PM that can handle such an input? 

Thank you!

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  • Thank you Fil,

    If the frequency is 25Hz and the matched resistance is say ~20 ohm then for 10% ripple the capacitor is ~20mF.  These are typically super-capacitor.  Do they behave the same as standard capacitors? 

    If I understand what you are saying, we don't need a 10% smoothness at the input to the PM in order to get stable voltage at the output of the PM.  Maybe 30% ripple is still good enough.  Is this what you have in mind?