LT8390 Simulation Help


I am trying to simulate the LT8390 using LTSPICE, I am trying to model and simulate the scenario on page 32 of the LT8390 data sheet (125 W Solar panel to 12V battery charger). I have built the model as per the datasheet, I used a voltage source as the input into the model at 25V, I then will use the PWL advanced function for to change the voltages later on to simulate the fluctuating voltage from a solar panel. However, the issue I am having is that the model is taking a very long time to simulate, I have tried to reduce simulation using techniques online such as just saving data for the input and output only and setting the initial value of the output. If anyone can help me reduce the simulation time or help with a working model that would be much appreciated. Please find attached the image of the model and a zip file of my model, it is exactly as that from the datasheet