Overvoltage Protection over 100V for the LT4293


My customer wants to design a IEEE802.bt complient PD module with overvoltage protection function for over 100V using the LT4293 + the LT4321.

Could you please provide any information fot the above application ?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 7, 2020 11:15 PM


    Overvoltage protection is wide ranging discussion. Basic protection is provided by a TVS at the port, such as an PTVS58VP1UTP, SMAJ58A, or equivalent. These devices clamp below 100V at their maximum rated current, keeping the port voltage under the 100V abs max rating of LT4293 pins. Increased protection could be provided by more TVS devices, or switching to a higher energy TVS such as an SMCJ58A.

    A more detailed answer requires more information about the protection requirements, such as energy of the overvoltage event, type of event, waveshape, requirements for standards compliance, etc. To continue this conversation or if you need a more information, I recommend you reach out to your local support team or submit a request at https://form.analog.com/form_pages/support/integrated/techsupport.aspx

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