LT8642S LTSpice Simulations

Hi everyone. I want to analyse the transient and steadt state simulations of LT8642 with requirements 13<Vin<17 Volts, Vout = 12V and maximum output current 10A. I used LTPowerCad for design and I applied same values for LTSpice simulation. When I try for Vin = 14.8V, output can not reach to 12V, it locks around 11.7V. From LTPowerCad point of view, there is no warnings about design and nearly all of the component values are the ones it suggested.

Based on simulation results, I will decide to use this IC for  power stage of our project and start to integrate it to PCB. Evaluation board is very expensive (near 340$) so it is not an option for now.

Please help about this simulation result. Should I trust LTPowerCad for design or am I doing something wrong with LTSpice?

And also do you think this IC is a good idea to use as a power supply from Lithium-ion battery(4 series-2 parallel) to 12V DC?

Thanks for your kind replies.

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    on Dec 20, 2019 8:38 AM


    Base on our experience, It's better to based your design with LTPowerCad. It is more reliable than the simulation on LTSpice.
    For example, some parameters of capacitors and inductors may affect and limit the result of your simulation. (such as Voltage rating, Equiv Series resistance, series inductance.. etc.)
    There is an option for choosing a specific part number of a component (such as in capacitor, inductor. etc.) on LTspice. Those parts that are available on LTspice already have such parameters based on their datasheets.
    That may help but I suggest that you stick with referring your design with LTPowerCad.

    Yes, you can use a lithium-ion battery, as long as it can last and provide your minimum input voltage for your design.


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