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power supply design.

I have to design a AC/DC power supply with specifications as follows: -

Requirements:  -

Input : 90 - 230 VAC.

Input Frequency : 400Hz.

Output :  18V , 20 Watts.

Constraints: -

Power Factor - above 0.95.

Isolated flyback topology.

Efficiency: 80-90%.

So, I'm looking for a two stage process i.e. 

1) PFC stage.

2)Flyback stage

So, can you recommend separate IC's for these two stages, as I will be integrating both together to achieve both PFC as well as Flyback.

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  • Hi Eric,

    I already went through these IC's (LT3798, LT8312, LT8315 & LT8316), among these LT8315 can't be used for my application as it is having an integrated mosfet. 

    However LT8316 is Primary side regulation based IC due to which, it's transient response won't be that good as compared to Secondary side regulation based IC's.

    So, l can use LT8312 for PFC boost, but can you recommend any IC for flyback which will employ the SSR technique ?