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Problem suply with adp1613 5V to +-15V to ADC3023

I have designed the power circuit for the ADA3023 converter that is on page 21 of the data sheet, using an ADP1613 in a SEPIC-Ćuk topology with 5V input and + -15V output. as I see in the data sheet allow an output current of 2A. The problem is that I want to feed 2 circuits OPA4277 and the ADC with this same source and when connecting the aged circuit, the current it consumes begins to rise and until the ADP1613 overheats. But if I do the same but eliminating the OPAs the system works well. with what I think does not have enough current to feed everything. if it is true that this circuit I cannot use it to feed everything that alternative could use. thanks

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