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Data TR Termination and layout of DC2476A-A

To whom may it concern. 

HI, I'm HS.

This is screenshot of DATA Transformer in DC2476A-A.

I managed to find out that those RCs around TR are called "Bob Smith Termination" but I'm not quite sure about the actual name and purpose.

My questions are...

1. Shield and Termination

I assume "shield" means the chassis of RJ45 connector.

It'd be lovely if you enlighten me about the connection of C30 here.

1-1. Does the connection go like Shiled(Connector, pin 9&10) ---- C30 ---- Secondary GND ??

1-2. Do we need to make Chassis GND area when we do layout? Then what would be the purpose of chassis GND?

1-3. What's the purpose of C30?? 

1-4. Why does not J2 attach Cap. like C30? Why do you attach Pin 9 &10 to Secondary GND?

1-5. What's the purpose of 'termination' in data transformer??

2. Layout

There are several Transformers in this EVB.

I've heard that, by the rule of thumb, you don't put ground under the transformer. 

But some designers put ground under the DATA transformer.

Would it be find if i put ground under the data transformer?? Or I should not?

Is there any good guideline or tips when it comes to RJ45 and DATA Transformer? (Also for Transformer in flyback and gate driver, if you don't mind)

Thank you for your hard work.

All the best