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Ltc4124 Ship mode

I need to get the LTC4124 into ship mode using a DI/O pin from a MCU.  The circuit will be embedded and can not have external  a button.

Is there a reference design that shows how this would be implemented?

Or do you have a preferred design that you could share?

Thank You

  • Hi,

    The detailed information about ship mode can be found in page 11 and 12 of the datasheet. 

    A few key points to notice: 

    1. The part has to be in ideal diode more before it can enter ship mode. 

    2. For the part to enter ship mode, ACIN and DCIN has to be above 1.5V simultaneously.

    We do not have a reference design for entering ship mode from a digital I/O. If you want the part to enter ship mode when it is removed from the transmitter, you can simply put a diode between VCC and DCIN, with the anode side connecting to DCIN. In this way, the moment when LTC4124 is removed from the transmitter, the ACIN starts to drop and the part enters ideal diode mode, but ACIN is still higher than 1.5V, and DCIN is also higher than 1.5V with the help of the diode. As a result, the part will enter ship mode. 

    If you desire for the part to enter ship mode at a certain defined moment after it is removed from the transmitter, you will need to find a way to drive ACIN pin higher than 1.5V, while having a diode connecting from VCC to DCIN. Please note that you also need to isolate this ACIN driver circuit when the transmitter is charging the receiver resonant tank. 

    If you want to get LTC4124 into ship mode, how do you want to power your MCU? From the battery directly? 



  • Hello,

    I would like to be able to use a MCU GPIO pin to activate the ship mode. As described in the datasheet, the ability to activate the ship mode so the product can be delivered with the battery charged/ready to use. The product could then be powered up by initiating the wireless charging. 

    So the BLE MCU could receive a Bluetooth command to put the product in "ship mode" eliminating the continuous battery discharge. Then the product could be woken by charging when user is ready to use.

    Thank you

  • I would like to use a BLE MCU GPIO pin to activate ship mode by sending a command via bluetooth. This would eliminate continuously discharging the battery until the user is ready for use. The product could then be woken by initiating wireless charging. 

    Thank you