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LTC3890 & LTC4000 ITH pin connection

Hey all,

It's my first question on this platform and I hope somebody can help me with my problem. I have connected the LTC3890 with the LTC4000 to charge 4 Li-ion batteries. Before connecting the ITH pin both boards worked good. The ITH on the LTC3890 is 0.535 V and the Vout is 16,8V. When i connected the pin ITH between the charger and the converter, the pin ITH dropped to 0.4V. As result the Vout of the converter dropped from 16.8V to 12.5V. I have checked all the Amplifiers which effect the pin ITH in the LTC4000 but non of it have reached its maximal value. I am using the evaluation kits of both of the components (DC1830A-B for the LTC4000 and DC2236A-B for the LTC3890). IN the datasheet of the LTC4000 page 23 i have read the next: 

How can I make the pin ITH in the LTC4000 goes to 0.535 V to reach the needed Vout of the LTC3890? 

Thank you in advance Slight smile.

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  • I did use it when i was working on the project but it uses LTC3890-3 which works good in the simulation. The IC is used in the DC2236A-B is the LTC3890. I did adjust the output voltage of the LTC3890 to 21,3 V as result when i connect both boards (DC1830B-A and DC2236A-B) the Vout of the LTC3890 became 14,9V. Do you have any idea if there is any formula tot calculate the Vout of the LTC3890 based on the voltage of ITH pin?  

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