About LT8390

Use LT8390 to make a 24V input, 12V/25A output power supply, encountered some problems during debugging

Adjust the output current up to 8A, more than 8A for a while, the inductor will emit a noise, the circuit at this time no output.

1. My inductor model is ser2915l-332kl, and its saturation current is 57A. My output current does not exceed the saturation current of the inductor, but I always feel that the inductor is saturated and the circuit enters the protective mode.

2. I designed two 6 milliohm sampling resistors in parallel and set them as 3 milliohms to limit the output current to 33A. Normally, the output current reached 8A and the chip would not turn on the current limiting protection.

I don't know whether the chip still has the Settings of hidden output current limit. Please advise the predecessors who designed this chip. Thank you.

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