I tried to test the output voltage of CLFLG pin. After recording the data, I found that the voltage of CLFLG pin reference DGND is not as described in datasheet, only 0 or 5V. When CC mode is set and the current is 1.5A, 4.8V is measured. Then with the increase of the current, the output voltage of CLFLG decreases continuously. Until 7.4A current is set, CLFLG outputs 1.9V, and then it changes to 0V in a short time(about 1s). At this time, the current stops;

I ask this question because we use our own PCB. In CC charging mode, voltage of CLFLG  will change to 0V when the current is set about 7A; in CC discharging mode, CLFLG output voltage will change to 0V when the current is set about 3A; at this time, the current will stop outputting;

We hope that the charge and discharge of this PCB can meet the requirements of 5v12a;

We want to know whether our PCB design or component parameter selection is incorrect, or CLFLG pin is just like the above?

The following figure is the circuit schematic diagram we designed:

Best wishes