Application Note 159: Measuring 2nV/√Hz Noise and 120dB Supply Rejection on Linear Regulators

Hello, I have some questions regarding the low noise and high PSRR circuit design described in Application Note 159, AN159: Measuring 2nV/√Hz Noise and 120dB Supply Rejection
on Linear Regulators.

I would like to build the circuit in figure 16 on page 14 of the article, which from the description on page 12, combines the improved differential amplifier with the noise amplifier from figure 2.

I have downloaded the associated zip file '' which contains PCB layout information for two designs.

I believe files in the LB092A-3* folders are for the first, single ended design, in figure 2, and those in the PSRR_LNA* folders are for the improved design, where the first stage has been converted to using differential amplifiers, with the LT1994s replacing the LT1818s.

Unlike the first design in figure 2, there does not appear to be a BOM file and associated component labelling on the circuit diagram for the improved design of figure 14.

Is there still a BOM file are any other information available for the components in the layout in the PSRR_LNA* folders of the zip file?

Are the layout files in the PSRR_LNA* folders for the ‘Improved’ differential input design in figure 16? It looks like they are because there are separate input connectors for IN and –IN.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    The layout files for the PSRR amplifier are in the folder labelled “PSRR_LNA_PDF.” The schematic is shown in Fig. 16 on AN159.

    Attached file is it’s BOM.